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10 10月 20125 コメント お菓子, 制作実績(商品開発)



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  1. 匿名 4月 30, 2014

    This info is the cat’s paasmaj!

    • 匿名 5月 14, 2016

      It looks really funny, glad you enjoy it so much! (I would like to be there, I think I would buy a lot of your things!).And you look fabulous in your maxi dress, with the orange VW background!Love all that hats and clothes you've bought, wonderful coloicteln!besos & fun

      • 匿名 1月 6, 2017

        Play intfmraoive for me, Mr. internet writer.

  2. 匿名 5月 14, 2016

    Hello Pam, I wish we were that experienced to be able to pass on advice. This has been our first year as beekeepers so we are just learning. Luckily we are part of Shf71ield&#82ef;s Bee Buddy project so we have had a head beekeeper to mentor us. We have talked about running a course at the farm with him as the tutor. If we do it will most likely be about February time next year so that it’s timed for the new season. You could always try the Sheffield Beekeepers Association for advice. I will email you with the secretary’s contact details. Barbara

    • 匿名 1月 6, 2017

      In awe of that anwrse! Really cool!